MOT Preparation

Pre-MOT Inspection

At Newbury 4x4 Centre we will inspect your vehicle to ensure it meets the minimum standard set out by our DVSA. We offer a pre-MOT inspection, or a full MOT, however these will be outsourced as we are not a MOT centre. As a guide, the following categories are thoroughly checked by our technical team:

  • Interior checks – door handles, warning lights, seat belts, clutch brake, seats, throttle pedal rubbers
  • Exterior checks – windscreen wipers, glass condition, lamps, reflectors, electrical equipment, no sharp bodywork, doors opening from outside, legal number plates
  • Under bonnet checks – coercion, component security, oil leaks, exhaust leaks
  • Under vehicle checks – steering mechanical condition and suspension components, coercion, driveline components
  • Brakes – condition and operation
  • Exhaust emissions – noise
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Pre-MOT inspection
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