4x4 Vehicle Servicing

We offer a menu priced servicing and follow the manufactures schedule to maintain any warranties using genuine or branded parts and ensure the correct oil goes into the heart of your vehicle. We can update your online service history too for all Land rovers and Range rovers.

  • Manufacture and dealer warranty not affected
  • At least 12 months warranty on all new parts
  • Online servicing recorded on JLR data base
  • Only genuine or branded parts used unless customer requests differently
  • Loan cars subject to availability
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Range Rover Sport
Land Rover engine servicing

Why Service your Vehicle?

  • Having your vehicle serviced regularly helps by prolonging its life and value, reducing risk of an unexpected breakdown and ensuring it stays reliable for your travels, keeping you on the road!
  • Ensuring drivers and passengers safety, as servicing your vehicle on a regular basis will identify potential faults that can be easily fixed to ensure reliability.
  • Financial benefits, the earlier faults are found the less expensive they can become e.g. small coolant leak found early will cost a possible hose & coolant, but if not found early enough you could end up with an overheated engine and can cost thousands of pounds.
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Keeping you on and off road